The foundation of Roxim Lomac Limited is based on rich experience and vision for developing and marketing value cosmetics and toiletries products in the well defined segmented markets. Continuous evaluation of customer needs, market trends, innovative developments and pronounced customer satisfaction remains symbolic to the company’s approach towards an ever-changing consumer market.

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Founder & CEO

In the future, the company aims to add new distinctive products for the quality and health conscious consumers. Quality control, safety standards and research are always kept in perspective to launch the products that should meet the challenges of competitive markets and extending maximum value to the customers.


Roxim Lomac Limited, a U.K. based company, specialized in cosmetics and toiletries products is a joint venture consisting of dexterous and experienced cosmetics formulators and marketing experts. The company has focus on strategic planning and manufacturing of diversified range of cosmetics and toiletries products under the sole brand name as compatible to European Standard.

The company philosophy of thriving on products in the market is to provide high quality products to the customers as compatible with International Standard brands at economical price with increased quantity. Hence, to achieve excellence through the policy, “DUPAS”, a French word, was developed exclusively for high quality cosmetics and toiletries products. The company gets manufacturing of its set standard formulation and packaging from different countries of the world under its strict guidance and quality assurance.